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Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are also called as crowd controlled Barricades, French Barriers or bike rack or mills barriers in different countries. These barriers are used at sporting events, outdoor festivals, parades and even by road and building construction companies in Qatar. In addition, event organizers, Security companies for their crowd management activity.

Crowd Control Barrier is a lightweight and durable fencing system which can be interlocked forming a continuous chain. These are also designed for speed of erection. Crowd control Barriers are most effective when they are interlocked which helps security personnel to create strong barricade lines which cannot be easily topple over.

Crowd Control Barrier Specifications:

International standard barrier lengths are 1 meter, 2 meter and 2.5 meter with a standard height of 43 inches offering you a range in terms of size, quality and price. Quality barricades are also hot dip galvanized after fabrication, which helps in storing outside without a problem of rusting.

Crowd Control Barricade customized as per your requirement:

  • High-quality wheels for long time usage without abrasion.
  • Length, height, color customized as per your requirement.
  • Brake wheel is made available to stabilize and hold the unnecessary movement of the barrier.
  • An optional connection lock to connect each barrier.
  • Flexible – can be expanded and folded easily for transport and storage.

Crowd Control Barricades from Gulf Plant, Qatar

We at Gulf Plant are one of the top dealers for Crowd Control Barriers in Doha. We offer The retractable belt barriers of the most durable and high quality. We are known to be the best in Doha, Qatar when it comes to quality meeting price.

We can offer you single line and double line Retractable Belt Stanchions which are the perfect choice for Public Crowd Control and Pedestrian Queuing in waiting areas, lobbies, check-outs, and other public and private locations.

Length: 2100mm per section
Height: 1100mm
Weight: 15Kg per section

Temporary Security Fencing

Heavy Duty Security Fence Panels are an ideal temporary security solution. They can be rapidly assembled on site to protect plant and equipment and are a cost effective deterrent to vandalism. Heavy duty mesh temporary fence panels come complete with rubber foot and clip for joining each panel together and are versatile to create any varying angles necessary.

Length: 3500mm per section
Height: 2000mm
Weight: 30Kg per section

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